Asheville Off the Grid Homes For Sale

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The Asheville market place is very 'green-aware', however when it comes to listing property as 'off grid' there are not too many listed in this way. However, there are MANY properties available - with its sunny days, mild climate and earth that produces produce in abundance, the area is a natural when it comes to green.

A few things to take into consideration when looking for green

Is there enough flat land facing in the appropriate direction to grow produce?

Does the building site face South to allow for passive solar home design and active solar panels?

Retention of water and mineral rights so you don't have to share the water and will not be faced with mining or other activity that could destroy your patch

Where is the water coming from? Check with the neighbors or have the ability to find water written as a contingency in your contract

Does it perc? If you are going to have a septic system, North Carolina rules allow for permitted septics that have drain fields that must match the number of bedrooms

Do you need internet? If so, does the property have good satellite internet connections

Is there a country road leading to the property? How is this maintained? Some banks will not loan amounts against a property in NC that does not have a road maintenance agreement if it is a private road.

Check out the deed restrictions. If you are thinking of livestock or planting, you will need zoning that permits this. HOA associations may have restrictions against solar panels and satellite dishes.